Providing Solutions for Industry

Working with major industrial clients to solve operational problems one client at a time. Dunhill is focused on working with clients to increase profitability by reducing costs, emissions or converting stranded assets into revenue.

Dunhill provides the 100% of the capital and technical expertise required to develop customized clean energy solutions to our industrial clients. Dunhill is technology agnostic and our engineers search the world for the lowest cost, most cost-effective solutions for our clients. We work closely with clients to ensure there is minimal disruption during the development process and maximum client value during operation.

Dunhill works with clients in the following areas:

Conversion of flare and vented gas.

Dunhill utilizes flare and vented gas associated with oil and gas production to produce clean electricity thereby reducing our clients carbon emissions and creating value from waste gas.

Conversion of trapped or uneconomic gas reserves in to higher value electricity.

Oil and gas facilities can be constrained by a lack of pipeline capacity or high processing and transportation costs. Dunhill can convert this gas to electricity, thus converting it in to profitable clean energy without the need for cleaning or transporting the raw gas. Dunhill can also monetize trapped gas reserves using its own capital while converting the non-producing gas reserves into revenue generating electricity.

Provide on site power to remote locations.

Dunhill deploys its capital to remote industrial, mining and oil and gas sites to deliver stable, cost effective power.

Provide on site power behind-the-fence in high cost jurisdictions like Ontario at a reduced cost.

Dunhill partners with large industrial and commercial users of electricity to reduce their annual costs by providing cost effective on-site power solutions.

Provide green hydroelectricity to governments and corporations looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

Dunhill is partnering with private users of power and provincial governments to develop green hydro electricity in a several locations.