Private Equity Investment

Dunhill Private Capital facilitates funding with equity funds, private corporations, First Nations and high net-worth individuals who are passionate about participating in real estate and energy partnerships. Dunhill Group offers a range of potential investment ventures which provide lucrative returns for the long-term. Dunhill Group provides a wide range of collective services from financing, planning, development, construction to completion conveniently allowing our partners become involved in long term investments.

Power Generation

Dunhill Group's Power Generation division develops and builds waste flare gas plants to generate low cost electrical power sites for private purchase. Dunhill Power partners with major Canadian energy corporations that have excess flare or waste gas either by volume or regulatory constraints. These long term 10 to 20 year partnerships provide above average stable returns along with greenhouse carbon reduction credits.

First Nations

Dunhill is also proud to have significant First Nations relationships with our Company. Additionally, we are partnering with several First Nations on a wide range of projects supporting their communities and insuring projects are developed in a mutually beneficial manner.

Partnering with Power Industry Participants

Dunhill is pleased to partner with leading engineering and power industry participants in a synergistic manner leveraging both time and capital to the benefit of our partners.